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Property marshal is a professional property management venture which has engaged with hundreds of clients and successfully managing their property across the Bangalore city. If you own one or more apartment/villa and if you looking for professional property management services, then you are in the right place. Property marshal is the best property management firm located in the vicinity of Bengaluru city. We are the only Property management company who are compliance with QMS 9001: 2015 ISO certified. We are the top 10 most promising property management company for 2020 & 2021.

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Trust us for worry-free property ownership. We ensure your property stays in top shape, handle repairs, and negotiate the best rents. With 24/7 access, we're here for fast solutions whenever you need us.

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Market the property, tenant verification and placement on your approval.

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Manage your property hassle-free with the best property management services

Time and again, it has been proven that the best, safest, and often the most lucrative investment for the long run is in real estate. Thus, it would hardly surprise anyone that people prefer investing in real estate units like apartments or other properties wherever they can. That said, managing too many properties can be a challenge and consume too much of your time. Thus, it is only sensible to go for property management services.

These are the services given by property management companies to the owners of various properties for a small fee. The exact nature of services included varies from company to company. With companies like Property Marshal, you can get everything relating to property management done through a single company. These services are especially beneficial to non-residents or people with a long cluster of companies.

Our Property Management Services

The following are some of our most important property management services by us:

Marketing Services

Renting properties is one of the best ways of monetizing your real estate assets but finding a tenant may not be easy. Any time wasted with a vacant property is a loss of potential income and should be reduced. And it is only through effective marketing that you can find tenants quickly. While several property management companies provide some form of marketing services, Property Marshal takes a holistic approach to marketing your properties to ensure the maximum occupancy rates.

Our approach is to first increase the aesthetic and material appeal of your property by doing whatever improvements it may need promptly. After that, our professional experts will take pictures and shoot videos of your property in clear and high definition. Further, we shall use them for marketing your property on social media and other platforms. We are thus the perfect property management solution so far as marketing is concerned.

Tenant Management

The most valuable part of home property management is often the management of tenants. Finding tenants through marketing is just one part of this. And it is not only about the number of tenants but also their quality, as bad tenants are often known to create serious problems and nightmarish situations for property owners.

That is why any important property management solution provided by Property Marshal is tenant verification. This verification involves a complete background search to ensure that your property is in responsible and dependable hands. Further, we shall assist with the rental agreement to ensure a smooth transition. Our property management services include facilitating the move-in for tenants so that your tenants, too, have a good experience and shall have a better experience.

As the period of the rental agreement ends, we shall provide assistance with the renewal of the agreement or verify that the tenant leaves the property, as the case may be. And if it is known that the property is to be vacated, we shall act quickly to ensure that the tenants are replaced as quickly as possible.

Maintenance of Properties

Everything is vulnerable to the depreciating effects of time. And real estate properties are vulnerable to countless things that can go wrong - pests may attack them, plumbing accidents, electricity attacks, etc. When taking the services of property management companies, it is crucial to ask exactly which of these perils are covered by the policy.

Property Marshal provides solutions to all these problems provided under home property management.

Regular Inspection

Our property management services also provide regular inspections of the real estate units under our service. This is a detailed inspection for everything, and we provide the desired maintenance and improvements wherever desired.

Rent Collection and Distribution

These services are often not coupled with other property management services and are availed separately. They are a valuable service for those customers who are unable to collect the rent themselves.

Advantages of Partnering with Property Marshal

The following are some of the key advantages of going with our property management services:

Increased Occupancy Rates

All our customers have witnessed increased occupancy rates after choosing us as your property management solution provider. Occupancy rates are measured as the percentage of days a real estate unit was occupied. With Property Marshal, it has consistently stayed north of 95 percent for most properties.

Increased Revenue

A higher occupancy rate, other things being equal, means an increase in revenue for you; but other things are not equal - you are able to receive higher rent due to improvements we introduce, and our marketing efforts increase demand for the units. All these combine to result in a more than significant increase in revenue as a direct result of our home property management solutions - an increase that is appreciated by all our customers.

Better Maintenance of Properties

Even if you are not desirous of renting out your properties, your property will still need maintenance - cleanliness, plumbing, against pests, etc. Property Marshal provides these home property management solutions for you.

Always Be on Top of Things

We are not one of those secretive property management companies. It is your property, and you have a right to know all about its status at any given time. We shall help you stay updated about the situation with the multiple properties you own.

Quality Solutions

Quality is important everywhere and home property management is no exception. Property Marshal provides solutions of the highest quality - you don't have to take our word for it; we have ISO certification.

Clear Management Contract

Unlike some of our competitor property management companies that often have obscure terms and conditions, we have a very clear contract that shall put you in clear view of the services we offer and your own rights.

No Brokerage Fees

Isn't it irritating when you have to pay commissions to brokers when they find you tenants? Well, choose use for home property management, and you won't have to. Since finding tenants is already included in our services, you don't have to deal with brokers.

Best-priced Services

Any property management solution package from Property Marshal you may find is the best-priced one in the same category for a similar set of services. We believe in creating budget-friendly options for our premium services. Our customers are often compensated for the price of our services through the visible increase in their revenue.

Get Served by The Best

After all, you deserve the best among property management companies, and that is what you shall find in us. We are the top-rated asset management company and rent distribution company in the country.

Benefit From the Digital World

Digitalisation has infected everything, and real estate asset management is no exception to this rule. As a twenty-first-century company, Property Marshal makes use of digital technologies and platforms in innovative ways to improve its services as well as to improve the visibility of the assets of its customers.

Above all, making us your property management solution means the privilege of forgetting all about the problem. If you own multiple properties, then you probably feel annoyed by how much time and attention they need. With us, you can then relax and breathe easily. Given all these advantages, it is hardly surprising that we are already the most preferred asset management company for our customers and have an ever-increasing number of customers.

Thus, if you are looking for the perfect property management solution, then get in touch with us.